How To Create A Convincing Fake Smash Bros. Rayman Leak

A "leaked video" showing Ubisoft's mascot character being selected in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U stirred rumors of suprise Nintendo DLC over the weekend, at least until YouTube's Artsy Omni posted a clip showing how he faked the whole thing.


With an odd Rayman trophy already present in the latest installments of Smash Bros., the seeds of the rumor have already been sown, but that doesn't mean Omni didn't have a whole lot of work to do for his fake leak to pass muster. First he captured footage from the game using a Game Capture HD. Then he created his own original Smash-style art for both Mewtwo and Rayman—re-using art would be a dead giveaway, and no one would buy Rayman showing up without Mewtwo in tow. He had to approximate the moving backgrounds of the character select menu, make sure the menu highlights were pulsing appropriately—tons of little details had to be attended.

The end result was a fake video leak featuring a character just underwhelming enough to have not been announced previously, presented in an incredibly convincing way.

Omni has no plans to create additional leak videos, so we can rest assured that anything we see from here on out is 100 percent true, unless it isn't.


Underwhelming ?
Man Rayman has such potential as a fighter ! I can only see him being quite as unique as the other characters, so I consider him a really good option.

I'm kinda sad it's a fake actually