How To Block Xbox 360's Newest Feature: Dashboard Ads

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Among the many tweaks and upgrades (and one downgrade) packed into the Xbox 360 dashboard update was one feature people aren't very happy about: Interactive TV ads.


Fortunately the clever gamers over on Reddit have come up with a solution for removing them. Redditer absurdlyobfuscated says there are many ways to do this, but he decided to use OpenDNS because it's the easiest solution. Straight from Reddit's intertubes:

1. Sign up for an OpenDNS account (it's free).
2. Add a network for your current IP address.
3. Go to Advanced Settings and next to 'Domain Typos', check the box 'Enable typo correction' if it's not already checked and apply.
4. Got to Web Content Filtering settings and set the filtering level to 'None', and under 'Manage individual domains', put and select 'Always block' and then click 'Add domain'. Screenshot.
5. On your Xbox, go to System Settings -> Network Settings -> (your connection) -> Configure Network -> DNS settings -> Manual, and enter the OpenDNS IP addresses for the primary and secondary DNS servers: and
6. You may need to clear your hard drive cache before ads disappear entirely: System Settings -> Storage -> Hard Drive -> press Y -> Clear System Cache (note that you'll have to re-download any title updates for any games you play after doing this).

absurdlyobfuscated also suggests reconfiguring your router to use OpenDNS' DNS servers via a static DNS setting. That way you don't have to block each Xbox 360 in the house individually. Also, if your IP address changes, you will need to update your OpenDNS network to match.

Another solution for some routers is to just block the ad-serving domain. You can test to see if it worked by trying to load

How to block Xbox dashboard ads [Reddit]



I'll be honest, I have no idea what is wrong with ads. No, seriously. I'm not talking about popups, or things that take over my screen or videos that start playing sound on top of whatever I'm actually listening to or videos I have to watch to get to what I wanted tow watch. I get that these are annoying (they are very annoying).

What I don't get is why people are offended at the mere THOUGHT of advertising. OH NO, I HAVE BEEN REMINDED THAT WORLD OF WARCRAFT EXISTS! HOW DARE THEY! MY EYEBALLS HAVE BEEN RAPED WITH VISUAL INFORMATION! Your cursor is automatically on the tiles to fire up content you own (so on home, it is on the play disk thing, when you change tiles it is on the my apps tile, etc.) so if you're in a hurry and don't want to waste precious milliseconds looking at pictures-you don't have to.

Is our generation so pathetic that someone unobtrusively letting us know that a product exists will instantly brainwash us? Are we afraid that we will have no willpower to resist? Are we so fundamentally opposed to the idea of capitalism that people telling us about their products is like mental molestation?

If, again, these were things that slowed us down from getting to our content, I would agree, if they were unskippable or annoying to get past, I would agree, if it was arranged in such a frustrating clutter that I couldn't even FIND what I wanted (much less have the cursor automatically selecting what I wanted) I would agree; but none of these things are true.

Seriously, someone let me know what is so wrong with this kind of unobtrusive advertising. I am dying to know (no sarcasm involved here).