How To Beat A Final Fantasy Game In Under 2 Minutes

You're a busy person, so this how-to on beating The Final Fantasy Legend for the original Game Boy in just under two minutes is perfect for your on-the-go role-playing game finishing lifestyle. Get ready to glitch!

That's because The Final Fantasy Legend—really the first entry in Square Enix's SaGa series—is as glitchy as they come, allowing serious speed run fans the option of beating the game from start to finish in a matter of minutes, not dozens of hours. This tool assisted speed run takes advantage of character and item leveling bugs, as well as the ability to unintentionally warp and ride a motorcycle at super-motorcycle speeds.

The whole thing wraps up nicely when the player dispatches the game's final boss, The Creator (aka God!), with a single hit. Must feel good.


The video really won't be as helpful as the amusingly translated walkthrough from Kevin "Magweasal" Gifford. In it, he explains what the hell is going on amidst the seizure-inducing strobe of Japanese menus. Read it!

The Final Fantasy Legend (Square, 1989) [Magweasel via Tiny Cartridge]

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