How To Add West And Wesker To Lost Planet 2

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Previously unlockable only by having older game saves on your console's hard drive, a generous Capcom has divulged the secret to unlocking Dead Rising's Frank West and Resident Evil's Albert Wesker to Lost Planet 2, game save-free.

Perhaps Lost Planet 2 didn't live up to sales expectations because it required game saves from Resident Evil 5 and either Dead Rising or the original Lost Planet in order to unlock Albert Wesker and Frank West. Capcom fixes that issue by divulging the process to follow in order to unlock the two popular characters without the older data.


All you need to do is press the 'Y' or 'triangle' buttons at the 'MY PAGE' or 'MY CHARACTER' screens, press 'X' or 'square' to open a password box, and then enter the following codes: 72962792 for Wesker, and 83561942 for Frank West.

BAM! Now you can use Wesker and West in online multiplayer, as well as the campaign, as long as you've beaten every episode already.

Capcom mentions that you can also use the two skins in the new Rush Arena Mode DLC, released yesterday.

Unlock Frank and Wesker for Lost Planet 2 [Capcom]

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Believe me.. I played the game, and I had both West and Wesker.. It doesnt make a damn worth of difference.. the gameplay is still horrible, and the server connections are still really bad. Capcom just put out a botched game. I want to support them. They make good games, but recently.. All they have right now are the Street Fighter Titles and Monster Hunter.. Luckily for them those titles alone will make enough in the doe department.. But they need to really get their stuff together.