How to Activate Big-Head Mode in Batman: Arkham City

In case you wanted a reason to go goof off in Arkham City again, the folks at Rooster Teeth have taken the time to show us how to activate Big-Head mode in Rocksteady's gritty comic book adventure.


It's very easy to do. You have to be playing on normal or hard, or on New Game+ (Which you can't unlock by completing the game on easy, anyway.) At any point in the game, take out Batman's Cryptographic Sequencer. While holding down both RT and LT (or, I presume, R2 and L2 on PS3), begin to rotate your left thumbstick clockwise and your right thumbstick counter-clockwise. After doing that for a few seconds, you'll notice that the Dark Knight's chin has gotten a good deal…chinnier.

And now you're free to run around an Arkham City that is significantly more ridiculous and adorable. To turn off Big-Head mode, simply open the Cryptographic Sequencer and follow the activation steps a second time.


Source: Game Informer

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What I love about this is that that Rocksteady didn't make you pay for it!

Back in the day this was the norm. These days you almost expect it to be a $2 DLC or some such thing. Glad to see the old days are still alive and well.