Over the weekend, a new Pocket Monster was revealed. The character seemed familiar. However, that's not because it looks like a new form of the Pokémon character Mewtwo. There's another reason.

The new Pokémon looks like Frieza, the villain in Dragon Ball. And the resemblance isn't only in that purplish color scheme.

On Japanese bulletin board 2ch, a user posted the following comparison between Mew and the different forms Frieza takes in Dragon Ball (original Japanese text translated by Kotaku):


It's important to note that Mew doesn't evolve into Mewtwo per se. Instead, both Pokémon are part of the "Mew duo" pairing. It's unclear what relationship the newly announced Pokémon will have to these characters.

All that being said, the comparison between Mew (as well as Mewtwo) and Frieza's different forms sure is interesting! Perhaps the next Pokémon will once again be small? Heck, maybe there will even be a mecha version?

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