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How Skyrim Should've Ended

I've been digging back into Skyrim, updating my mods (and downloading some sweet new ones) and getting ready to really get into Dawnguard now that it's finally out on the PC.


I also finally beat the storyline a few weeks ago. Considering that I didn't love the story to Oblivion, the Skyrim finale was pretty cool. That said, the version in this video would've also been fine by me. After all, when Dragons breathe fire, they're talking, and so a battle between Dragons is actually a deadly debate!

(I learned that from the loading-screen lore.)

Bonus points for Aela the Huntress' t-shirt.

(Thanks, Craig!)

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It took like forty hours before I got around to getting my fus roh da. Then I was sort of done with the main storyline. Nothing quite like playing a game for 200 hours and getting tired of it without ever bothering on the stupid ass "plot" (seriously, Bethesda, hire some decent writers)