How Should I Break In My New Gaming Rig

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You all helped me figure out what pieces and parts to put into my gaming computer, so it's only fair that you get to help me figure out which game to play first on it.


My Origin computer arrived in a crate today fit for an Ark of the Covenant. Inside, swathed in black cloth was my gleaming, onyx rig. It has four dials on the front used to control the fans in the case. There are no numbers, but if there were they would probably all go up to 11.

I slapped in a spare hard drive, moved over the monitors, mouse and keyboard and now I'm ready to game.

I've got Steam online ready to deliver up the CPU-crushing game of your choice. Hit me!


Man..... I gave up building custom machines, upgrading my computer, or even thinking about buying a new rig like 2 years ago.....

I mean. I've got an Xbox360, a PS3 and a Wii. Why should I need a PC to play games? Now all PC enthusiast out there will come at me with their swords and their words:

"bleargh! PCs are better! consoles are crapo! You get hyper-realistic-highres-superduper-cool textures on PC that consoles can't even dream of!"

Really, I cared about that when I was 20 years old... It's not that I don't give a shit, but if every freaking time a new graphics engine is released I've gotta upgrade my CPU or GPU I'd rather play with less awesome textures on my Xbox360.

So I've made my mind: Computers are for work (for me at least) and I do just 2D for work, or basic 3D. I've got plenty of RAM, and that's all I need. It's not a lack of money issue, it's more of a "stop wasting your damn retirement loot every year" thing.

Aside from that... damn, that's gotta play Crysis pretty good, huh? I'm envy green.

For the record:

My desktop computer is a

3.0Ghz Core2duo E8400

8GB DDR2 1066 Kingston HyperX

AMD Radeon HD3870, not a top notch rig, but it gets things done.