How Rocksmith 2014 Will Teach You To Play Guitar

The dream is a good one: An interactive application that can really, truly teach you to play guitar. And Rocksmith 2014, even more so than its ambitious predecessor, is aiming to do just that.

In this video, the game's makers demonstrate how the new "lessons" will function. The lessons look pretty cool, and it sounds like the sequel is structured in a way that's more scaffolded and approachable than the first game.

I'm looking forward to revisiting this series — I've spoken with many readers who strongly disagree with my take on the first game, and some of their own critiques are convincing enough that I'm willing to revisit the entire notion of Rocksmith with fresh eyes and fresh ears. I'm glad Ubisoft is making a sequel, since it'll give me the opportunity to do just that.


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I sure hope the cable ain't different.