How Publishers Are Saving, Making Money Off YouTube

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Mr. Rogers touched on this topic the other night, but today VentureBeat have an interesting report up about how publishers - it mostly focuses on EA - are using YouTube to make a quick, easy buck.

From viral videos to commercial premiers, it seems that the popularity of YouTube is helping attract advertisers. And the advertisers are attracting publishers, who through revenue-sharing agreements are both making money every time you click on an official YouTube clip, and saving money by avoiding older, more expensive forms of advertising.


Take that Gears/Mad World clip. Doesn't matter whether you loved it or hated it like a thousand nightmares made manifest, you (the collective you) have clicked on it five million times and counting.

Or the YouTube clip of Tiger Woods walking on water. It's been viewed 2.5 million times, and YouTube are sharing the revenue with EA. That's easy money.

Click below for Takahashi's full piece.

YouTube game videos become a big channel for game marketers [VentureBeat]

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