How One Truly Weird Shooter in Video Games' Future Is Getting Bigger

Last year at E3, I took a look at the trippiest first-person shooter I’d ever seen. This year, the game that lets you change the size of anything in the gameworld looks even better. Shinier. Stranger. And more inviting than ever before.


I caught up with designer Steve Swink at PAX Prime this year to see the changes he’s made to his indie game Scale. You can get a look at folks playing it on the show floor while Swink talks about the weirdo story people will experience in the game and the inspirations he’s drawn on while making it. You can keep your BFGs; I’m excited about the GTMYFG (Gun That Makes You Freakin’ Giant).

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This is very similar to the game idea I had. Mine would be called Perspective or something un-creative like that. It basically played with the premise of the perspective of held objects appearing larger or smaller depending on how close they are to your eyes. You could take a small object and hold it out to make it larger, or grab a large object from the horizon and pull it close to shrink it.

Now that I think of it, that would be awesome with the Rift and Hydra setup.