How Not To Woo A Gamer On OKCupid

There's a good way to use OKCupid, and there's a not-so-good way. This is one of those second ways.


The above video comes to us from the YouTube series OKCupid is the best!, which revolves around host solikebasically having her computer read aloud messages from her OKCupid dating profile.

In this episode, a guy gamer decides that he is NOT FUCKING HAPPY about not getting a reply from her. It starts off awkward but quickly gets super, super shitty. It's also basically a textbook example of Nice Guy Syndrome, to the point where he even says "Look, I was trying to be nice" before being... decidedly not nice.


Watching this, I don't blame people who want to just leave gaming off of their OKC profiles entirely. Don't be like this guy, everyone.

[Via Kotaku AU.]

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I remember I was out at a bar once with my friends, and I happened to be wearing a Zelda shirt. I turned around and this guy was literally less than a foot away from me and angrily demanded with a roll of his eyes and even jabbing a finger at my face, "Okay, I'll bite. Name me one thing, just ONE THING you would know about Zelda that you couldn't have learned from the back of a box." I stared at him a moment before walking by him without saying a word, and I heard him mutter something about "entitled rude fake bitches" while his friend assured him I wasn't worth his time. I just found it hilarious that he got in my face, was nasty and hostile from word "go", and yet I was rude for somehow not responding to him because I don't engage in conversation with antagonistic assholes who don't even say hello before they start with the lame angry cred checks? Yes, I'm sorry, I forgot the part where I had to be pandering and sweet and polite to you even when you showed me that you were the exact opposite and not worth my time either. Not that he had a chance with me anyway since I'm married, but I guess the sight of a video game t-shirt atop a pair of breasts angered him so much he was blind to the ring.