Curious? A recent poll of nearly two thousand Japanese game developers reveals the average salaries for various jobs within the industry.

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association carried out the poll, which can be read here in full here (via Cheesemeister).

A total of 1,808 individuals replied to this average 2015 salary question. Note that not all jobs are directly related to development.

Producer (44 replies): 7,673,000 yen (US$76,600)

Director (111 replies): 5,772,000 yen ($57,600)

Software Engineer (919 replies): 5,129,000 yen ($51,200)

Artist (345 replies): 4,451,000 yen ($44,400)

Technical Artist (53 replies): 5,817,000 yen ($58,000)

Sound Designer (58 replies): 5,443,000 yen ($54,300)

Planner (Designer) (162 replies): 4,364,000 yen ($43,500)

Executive/Management (77 replies): 9,098,000 yen ($90,800)

Domestic Sales (8 replies): 5,900,000 yen ($58,900)

International Sales/Support (5 replies): 6,900,000 yen ($68,900)

PR/Advertising (10 replies): 5,610,000 yen ($56,000)

HR (6 replies): 5,617,000 yen ($56,000)

Corporate Planning (10 replies): 7,240,000 yen ($72,300)

Digging into the data further, there are some interesting tidbits Twitter user AEvanko, who works in the Japanese game industry, noticed:



Looks like Japanese game industry types make less than those in the West.

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