Nintendo is celebrating the first year of DSiWare today, which gives us the perfect chance to ask our readers this question: how much DSiWare have you purchased?

As far as I am concerned, the Nintendo DSi has two selling points over the cheaper Nintendo DS: the cameras, and DSiWare. If neither of those features interest you, you'd be better off with a normal DS. I purchased a DSi on day one because I felt like I had to, in order to deliver coverage on the system, but were I not a writer for Kotaku, odds are I would still be rocking my plain old Metallic Rose DS.

In fact, I've not purchased a piece of DSiWare since going through the initial 1,000 DSiWare points Nintendo included with the system at launch.

I picked up an Art Style game, an Animal Crossing clock, and...that seems to be it. I wound up trading my launch DSi for a pink one later, losing my purchases, and I've not really missed them.


So DSiWare is a year old now, and Nintendo has released this spiffy little video, showing off the service's first-year highlights, plus sneak peeks at upcoming titles. Perhaps I'll find some inspiration lurking in there.

For now, however, my purchases stand at two, and those I might not have picked up if I didn't get free points with my DSi.

So what's your total up to?