Before the internet became something everyone used, mods in PC gaming were a weird thing.

This great RPS feature by Graham Smith takes a collection of Half-Life mods - available on a CD - and through them looks back at a time when mods were cruder, sillier and nowhere near the prevalent force they are now.


One thing that always struck me about mods in the 90s was how localised they'd sometimes be. You could play a custom Doom map at a friend's house, for example, and never see it anywhere else ever again.

Today it'd be posted on ModDB and Steam Workshop, potentially to be seen by millions, but back then, a mod could have been seen by thousands (online, disc-swapping, magazine cover discs), or by, well, you and your mates.

Total Converts: Unpotting The History Of Half-Life Modding [RPS]

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