At least.

Bayonetta's never really been known for its sense of realism. I mean the focus is a witch with guns on her high heels that rips angels apart with her shape-shifting clothes. It's weird. The Bayonetta 2 launch trailer is a bit more odd than I was expecting though. I still really love Bayonetta's style, and I'm eager to get my hands on the sequel when it hits the states, but I call it like I see it.


So, in no particular order, here are five things I saw, that I thought were kinda… weird:

  • Cigar smoking Santa Clause
  • An obsession with a very normal-looking mountain
  • The slaughter of an armored horse, demon-thing on a treadmill
  • Epic battle above a sea of blood (I think?)

If you're at all interested in the series and you haven't given the trailer a look, it's definitely worth it just to see how odd it all is.

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