Photographer Jason Travis has a neat idea: grab people off the streets of Atlanta and take photos of whatever's inside their handbags or backpacks.

Items found include pens, keys, wallets and...Nintendo handhelds, as evidenced by these two ladies, one rocking the same stylish shade of Pink DS as our own Michael Fahey, the other a timeless Game Boy Pocket in probably its best ever colour scheme: Pikachu Yellow.


What I like about these shots is not just that they give a rare insight into the kind of junk that people think is so important they have to carry it around with them, but that of the dozens of techie and design hipsters Travis has photographed, these are the only two with gaming consoles. These two. Not a single man had one, not even a PSP. What's up guys, too cool for a Game Boy Micro?

You should definitely go check out the entire collection at the link below, there's some really interesting crap to be found in people's private carry-cases. Like passports! Who would have known so many Americans living in an inland city would have their passports handy!

Persona [Flickr]
Jason Travis [J Trav]

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