Earlier this week, we asked you guys which gaming system you use the most. The results were interesting, so I thought I'd continue the line of thought by asking the logical follow-up.

Today's poll is about how many gaming systems you own and use. Before you vote, some clarification of what we're talking about: A video game system is, basically, something you use to play games. Phones count; tablets count. If you own a Mac but don't really play games on it, don't count it. If you own two PCs and use them both to play games, count both. If you have a new phone and still have your older phone lying around as a backup, only count the new phone.

Basically, for the sake consistency, let's try to focus on the word "use"—omit older systems that you no longer use. If you own a Dreamcast and you still use it to play games (say, if you've played something in the last 90 days), then by all means, include it. But the other older consoles that you keep in a box somewhere don't make the grade.

Okay, ready? Get counting.