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Animated short film Logorama is the intertwining story of the Michelin men police taking down Ronald McDonald while two Pringles logos hit on a curvaceous Esso oil mascot. With some 2500 logos, which game companies make cameos?

On my first viewing, I spotted some of the more obvious, including Sega, Nintendo (three appearances), Xbox and EA Games. While actively looking, I noticed the Street Fighter II logo, plus, oddly enough, the Guerrilla Games logo. A handful of others, like Coleco and Bandai, are arguably valid spottings.

This Oscar nominated animated short from French design collective H5 is amazing, definitely worth the watch if you don't mind the NSFW language and fast food mascot on fast food mascot violence. Logorama has been making the film festival rounds for a while now, but you can watch it in its entirety online.


A trailer is below, with a link to watch the full thing on Facebook.


Logorama [Facebook]

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