How I Ran My Virtual Game Development Studio Into The Ground

I thought naming my company HyperLeoCorp would save it from any wrongdoing. Video game development simulator Mad Games Tycoon proved otherwise.

As an early access game on Steam, Mad Games Tycoon isn't finished. But even at this stage there's plenty to get wrong. I mean, I still managed to put my own company into ruin, even in this unfinished state.

You can see exactly how HyperLeoCorp fell from grace in the video above.

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Leo, I don't comment often, but I have to give you a LOT of credit. As far as I've ever noticed, your videos are clean, work-appropriate, funny, and very well made. Old man on my lawn moment, but I do wish more journalists realized that you don't have to throw in curse words or crude anecdotes to make an entertaining entry in a blog. Bravo, sir! I wish more stuff on Gawker (not just Kotaku, but the whole network) was handled with your elegance/professionalism. I'm being very much serious here - you rock!