How Do You Eulogize A Video Game Character?

Those of you following along with Telltales Games' episodic adventure, Tales of Monkey Island, knew this was coming. The rest of you may want to sit down.

Guybrush Threepwood, that lovable swashbuckler with an addiction to item-hoarding, has gone to the big pirate ship in the sky. Or Davey Jones' Locker — or whatever nautical euphemism for death that you prefer. The "Story So Far" trailer will catch you up on all the events leading to this sad, sad day. But without hearing the words of friends and loved ones, we can never really know how profound a loss the pirate community has suffered.


So last night I actually sat through a eulogy for Guybrush and about halfway through the account of the fictitious character's life, I had to ask — is this really how you eulogize a video game character? It just seems like there should be something else you have to do, some other ritual that a video game character would need more than a film character or a book character because death in video games is so temporary.

Maybe we should have all brought stones to last night's "funeral." In Judaism, we leave stones on graves both as a mark of respect and, as my grandmother told me, "So they stay dead instead of trying to follow you home."


Anyone want to take bets on whether or not Guybrush stays dead?

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I say no. The next episode will be going to the afterlife to bring him back.

And yes, I stole this from the third Pirates of the Caribbean.