How Did the Worst-Sounding Wii Game Become My Most-Anticipated Wii Game?

There are two ways to describe Nintendo's next Wii game, Wii Play: Motion. Well, three ways, if you include Game I Was Never Going To Touch Based On Its Original Description. For Nintendo, there were two:

1) There was the way the company described June's Wii Play: Motion on their official product page when the game was revealed earlier this month:

Twist, turn, and move like never before with fun, motion-controlled experiences that come bundled with the Wii Remote™ Plus controller! Grip it like an umbrella, and tilt it around your body to ride gusts that blow you up, down, and to the finish line of a windy race course, or hold the controller like a mallet to strike pesky vermin from stealing vegetables from your garden. Players can even point the controller around the room to help find and capture invisible spooks! With multiple difficulty modes and game variations to unlock, up to 4 players can get caught up in the big action of the Wii Play: Motion game. For anyone looking to pick up another Wii Remote Plus controller, Wii Play: Motion is a great value that features 12 games and a bundled Wii Remote Plus controller.


Ugh. Not for me. I've played and enjoyed enough mini-game collections on my Wii, thank you very much.

2) Then there was the way Nintendo president Satoru Iwata described the game to a room full of investors in Japan this week:

In this title, you can enjoy a variety of 12 games which are available only with Wii Remote Plus. Several video game developing companies Nintendo has worked with competitively created the games for this title. The development process was very unique: we collected some good ideas of utilizing Wii Remote Plus from developing companies, we asked a developing company to complete a promising prototype game that we had created in-house in the experimental stage, and our in-house development team even helped with some development. We are going to disclose the development process of each distinctive game in the future.

Well... that sounds great! It was a bake-off of sorts, a contest for the best ideas, judged by Nintendo and polished for me to play. Of course I want that.

Sign me up for a copy of Wii Play: Motion. It will be out in North America on June 13, bundled with a Wii Remote Plus for a discount price (and, bear in mind, it could be a bad game; though, if it was, it would be a bad game for interesting reasons.)


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