How Consoles Can Leave A Company Vulnerable To Hackers

At the Defcon security conference in Vegas last week, a pair of hackers have shown that the humble Nintendo Wii can leave large companies vulnerable to attack.


How? Well, because many companies like to have a Wii in the office for downtime, that's how. Seems a lot of offices know that controls need to be put in place for things like computers, laptops and phones, but will then leave a Wii just lying around in the common room, where it's able to connect to the office network.

The hackers showed that it's quite simple to upload some Malware to the Wii, where from there it can attack every inch of an office's (or indeed large company's) network. They also showed how it's possible to upload a virus to either a Wii or a DS, and jump onto a network using them, with the same end result.

You could of course use another machine like a 360 or smartphone to do the same thing, but the demo focused on the DS and Wii. Those after a more technical explanation, you can check out the demos above and below.

Live demos show how the Nintendo DS and the Wii can be hacked to spread malware (videos) [GamesBeat]


"Well, because many companies like to have a Wii in the office for downtime"

Uhhh What? I have never heard of a regular office that has any sort of console provided for 'downtime'. Hell, I work for one of Forbes 'top 10 companies to work for' and we do not have any consoles. I feel cheated now...