Because I'm a Potato | A reinterpretation of GlaDOS's famous line from Portal 2, by flickr user Chris McVeigh. The saying is also on a T-shirt for sale at Qwertee for the next 23 hours. (Photo: Chris McVeigh)

Hidden Content Reveals More Cell Phone Pics, PC Aspirations of Catherine

Probing discs for console games doesn't usually turn up much, but someone found a ton of extra naughty images of Catherine (such as the three above) and an unused file that hints that Atlus once planned a PC version of the game. More »


Lawsuit Demands Second Life Horses Be Starved to Death

Second Life's merits as an actual video game may be debatable but its impact on the economy is not. It has, for example, provided a huge boost to the new markets of virtual sex caskets and imaginary pet food. And ridiculous lawsuits, because America has been lagging other first-world nations in that important economic indicator. The latest one concerns two makers of virtual animals, specifically ponies and bunnies. More »


Sitting on Your Ass Playing Halo for 12 Hours: The Silent Killer

Chris Staniforth was standing outside of a jobs center, awaiting an interview, when he dropped a pack of chewing gum. When he reached to pick it up, he began to spasm. In moments, he was dead. Actual cause of death: pulmonary embolism as a result of deep vein thrombosis. Proximate cause of death: Playing his Xbox 360. More »


Why Jim Lee Can't Reveal His True Character in DC Universe Online

Nearly everyone who plays DC Universe Online has an anecdote about spending a good hour or more in its character creation stage, fine-tuning the costume, getting the colors and powers just right, and then taking a deep breath at the name-generation screen and hoping no one's yet taken that perfect one you just thought up. At Comic-Con 2011, I asked Jim Lee, the game's executive creative director, DC Comics' co-publisher, and an eminent comic book artist and writer for the past 25 years, if he's used the MMO to create superheroes from scratch. More »


Opening Day Means More Skepticism than Celebration in Sports Video Games

I play sports video games for a living and publishers send them to me for free. The reality of a $60 purchase—what it actually buys, what else it could buy—is something I respect but it's not a decision I really face. I'm probably the last guy who can advise anyone on whether a sports video game is worth buying on the day it's released, but I will anyway: Don't. More »


Serious Sam Publisher Lampoons EA's Origin in Fake Press Release

No fan of Origin, Electronic Arts' new digital distribution service, the publisher of Serious Sam 3: BFE announced "in a move likely to shock absolutely no one" that they have scrapped plans for their own proprietary service. R.I.P., "Krundle," as it was codenamed by Devolver Digital's Fork Parker "I think we could have revolutionized how I make a shitload of money," he said in a news release. "But the reality is Steam is an amazing digital platform." More »

I have a whitewater rafting excursion tomorrow. This is a Christmas gift that I finally got around to taking now. I think the last time I did something like this I was 12, on the Snake River on the last big family vacation we took. Tomorrow's journey is on Oregon's McKenzie River. —Owen Good


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