How an RPG Works on the Apple Watch

There will be games for the Apple Watch. Of course. One of them—a role-playing game called Runeblade—will have battles that last anywhere from five to 15 seconds. You’re probably going to look pretty silly playing it.

The trailer for the first Apple Watch RPG doesn’t offer up any details about how to actually play it. In the clip, a bunch of small, generic fantasy-world backgrounds float by followed by equally small and generic enemies. How’re you going to kill those guys? A rep for developer Everywear Games said that primary interface for Runeblade—which will be free, with in-app purchases— will be tapping the face of the Apple Watch.

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The game won’t be launching with microtransactions but there’s plan for a Runeblade iPhone companion app for that lets you buy stuff with purchasable hard currency. You’ll be able to use in-game money to buy upgrades and such, too.

Campaign length’s going to vary based on how you play but Everywear says they’ll be adding fresh content over the lifespan of the game. So, if you want to be the person furiously poking at your shiny new Apple Watch in public and making people wonder if the thing’s broken, look for Runeblade to hit Apple’s App Store at the end of April.


I’m not the biggest smartwatch fan in general, since they are very redundant in a lot of ways, but...RPGs?!? Why would I want to play involved games on my watch with one hand, when I can play better games, on a larger screen, which also happens to be on my person? Also, I can’t wait to see the first people doing this in the wild; it’s going to look pretty funny.