Japanese erotic games tend to have, well, interesting promotional efforts. 18-years-old-and-up PC title Kud Wafter is no exception. Boob chocolate, anyone?

Priced at ¥682 (US$8), the box comes with 8 (you do the math!) chocolates. This is slated to go on sale in October, but the chocolate is already currently sold out. Chocolate boobs and even pudding in the shape of breasts are not unheard of in Japan. So, add a popular computer game, and you've got retail gold.

Kud Wafter from developer Key was released on PC this past summer and is one of the biggest selling PC games in Japan this year. Before it's release, a manga version of Kud Wafter began its run in Dengeki G's magazine. And now, it has boob chocolate — sold out boob chocolate.

商品詳細 【グッズ-食品】クドわふたー おっぱいチョコ [アニメイトオンラインショップ]