How about a Steering Wheel for Your 3DS?

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When Mario Kart hit the Wii, Nintendo released a goofy plastic steering wheel that was supposed to simulate driving. Mario Kart 7 is around the corner. Know what that means?


Another goofy steering wheel. This time it isn't from Nintendo and it's not for the Nintendo Wii. Rather, this "Mario Kart 7 Handle" is for the Nintendo 3DS and it's from venerated Japanese peripheral maker Hori.

I'm not gonna lie. This thing looks dumb. If I saw you playing with it, I'd point and laugh. That's why you enjoy the heck out of stuff like this in the privacy of your own home. Nobody can judge you there, not even me.


On sale Dec. 1 in Japan. Yours for ¥1,280 or US$17.

マリオカート7ハンドル for ニンテンドー3DS [Amazon Japan]

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@ killakoopa

I can't reply to your comment because it's 'too short', apparently...

So, when I said:

'The Wii remote steering-wheel was cheap and tacky, but at least it was useable,'

you replied:

'Wrong, wii wheel was a blast in mk'

for what reason exactly? Read what people write before you comment. I said it WORKED, and this new one won't.