How About A Bonus Character For Each Wii Peripheral?

Capcom's Spyborgs producer sees something else his team could do to their game to possibly support Wii MotionPlus, something no other developer has pondered publicly yet.

Developers are adding MotionPlus controls to their Wii games as you read this. They're making their controls more responsive thanks to Nintendo's add-on.


But what if they went another way?

What if MotionPlus wasn't about introducing an extra control scheme?

Darly Allison, producer of upcoming Capcom Wii game Spyborgs told Kotaku last week that the game's development team is still considering how they might implement MotionPlus to the co-op beat-em-up, which doesn't currently support it. Once idea the team is considering is to add an extra playable character that would take advantage of MotionPlus's sensitivity.

This seemed like a promising idea and got Allison and Kotaku riffing: why not add another character that's controllable just with the Balance Board? And one just with the Wii Zapper or Wii Wheel? OK, those last two wouldn't apply, because those peripherals don't add functionality to the Wii Remote.


But this still seems like a novel idea: instead of tweaking controls to fit a peripheral not every consumer might have, why not just add alternate playable characters that only play with the add-on?

If anyone is ready to pursue that, bring on the guitar-controlled bonus character as well.

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