How 3D On The 3DS Actually Works

Not sure how 3D on the 3DS works? Let Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle explain.

While some of you may already know the technical background behind the 3DS' glasses-free technology, this video is still worth watching, because it gives you a few great examples of "cross-eye" 3D (including game footage), instances where you can cross your eyes while viewing two images to form a third, 3D picture.


A warning, though: too much cross-eye hurts, which is the price you pay for getting that 3DS effect without the 3DS.

How the 3DS Works [Kombo]

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Does anyone else have trouble with "cross-eyed" 3D? I know how to cross my eyes, but it doesn't usually make a 3D effect for me. It just looks weird.