House Of The Dead: Overkill Devs Want Arcade Machine Feel

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Does House of the Dead: Overkill brings arcade shooting to the Nintendo Wii? Yes, says the game's developer Headstrong Games.


According to Lead Designer Alastair Halsby: "We have done our utmost to ensure that it feels like playing an arcade machine — albeit an arcade machine that is out to entertain a paying customer, instead of one that is trying to lever money out of players. Our players have already paid their money, so it's also our job to make sure they have a thrilling ride."

What we've seen from this title appears great so far. And that 1970's pulpy grindhouse look? Love it.


Wii Fanboy Interview: Headstrong talks House of the Dead: Overkill [Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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The only problem is that the accuracy of the WII-mote is comparable to the accuracy of a WEE-mote so you'll probably end up spraying bullet's all over the place.

But hey, we all know how good those star wars game for the WII turned out, so let's not get all cynical here...