House Of The Dead: Overkill Collector's Edition And Graphic Novel

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When we jokingly suggested that the addition of Zombie Nurses might mean a slightly sexed-up House of the Dead: Overkill, we had no idea that SEGA might actually take things in that direction. The game itself seems fairly standard HotD but the newly announced Collector's Edition comes with a pulpy graphic novel that looks like one part Tarantino to two parts Sin City. “Prelude to an OVERKILL” gives us the backstory that led Agent Washington and (ahem) Varla Gunns (who sounds like she is fresh off a Vivid Video contract) up the grim path the the titular House. The book will be packaged with the game in a special slipcase. Amazingly, there is no mention of a 'making of' DVD or 'art book', which makes a refreshing change. The Collector's Editon will be available as a pre-order bonus when the game is released on the Wii in the new year. Update: Eric M. Bush wrote to tell us that the pack has been confirmed for PAL territories only. Sorry, NTSC peoples. News: House Of The Dead Collector's Edition! [N-Europe]


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Varla Guns looks like she'll have lots of guys playing with there Wii's.... (see what I did there?)