'Hot Piece of Ass' Busts Boss For FarmVille Obsession? [UPDATE: Probably Fake]

Young woman has job. Boss calls young woman "hot piece of ass." Young woman quits, uses dry erase board to fire back. Boss, it seems, loved playing FarmVille during work hours too much. [UPDATE: Skeptics vindicated. Appears to be fake.]

This is a story told in photos. A sampling, picking up at the point where the lady laments that the boss called her a HOPA — Hot Piece of Ass:

Image 16...


Image 23...

Image 30...


We can't confirm this is real, so read on with some skepticism. Not that this is a hard one to believe, given the nature of bosses, the Internet and whatnot.

Check out the whole thing.

Update: Peter Kafka at All Things Digital interviewed the creators of the site that hosted this story and, while not nailing them down on this being a hoax, comes away with an interview that makes it seem like this is indeed fake.


Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos) [The Chive]

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