Hot Damn, AMC's The Walking Dead Might Finally Get Good

I'm all out of faith. This is how I feel. I'm cold and I'm alone, bound and broken on the floor. Oh, AMC's The Walking Dead. I gave you so much of my time and energy. I believed in you. And yet you frustrated me to no end with leaden performances, boring writing, and slooooowwww paaacccinnngg.


And yet here I am, watching this new Comic Con trailer for Season 3, and I'm excited about the new season. First of all, we're finally going to meet Michonne, the awesome-haired katana-wielding killing machine who is my (and I sense many others') favorite character from the books. It will also deal with the prison plotline, which is, hey, what do you know! My favorite part of the books. The prison is also where, without spoilers… well it's where shit goes down.

Since I started watching the show, I've grown so enamored of the books and the video game — which so far, is superior to the TV show — that I've grown fond of this awful, awful place, and I want to spend more time there. I really want the show to be good, and I want to see the insane events that take place at the prison and Woodbury put on the screen.

The same problems will probably remain—particularly the pacing. The show has been on for a couple years, and we're just now meeting Michonne! But maybe they can pick up the damn pace some, maybe they can actually turn the show into something as gripping as the books, and start to fight Telltale's game for the title of Best Walking Dead Adaptation.

What do you guys think? Is this show ever going to find its footing? Does this trailer have you as foolishly hopeful as it does me? Is there any character cooler than Michonne? That last one was rhetorical. Because no, there is not.

That's that. Feel free to chat about that, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have a great weekend!


I leave you with this image:

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What a badass.


glen got his skull crushed in issue 100. it was brutal.