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"Hot Coffee" Class Action Suit Claims Show Very Few Were Offended

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Who would have possibly thought that in a game filled with violence, foul language and generally deplorable behavior, that so few who owned Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be so apathetic about the hidden sexual content buried deep within? Certainly not the law firms who filed a class action suit against Take-Two over the "Hot Coffee" incident, as the New York Times reports that just 2,676 of the millions who bought GTA: San Andreas have filed a compensation claim. The chance to cash in on Take-Two's legal woes ended on May 16 and the final tally must just shock you.

Take-Two must cover over a million dollars in legal fees and has agreed to a hefty charitable donation as part of the settlement, but they'll pay out just $30,000 in resolving claims with consumers. The "benefits" to consumers ranged from $5 to $35 US, with some claimants getting a decaffeinated copy of San Andreas.


Unsurprisingly, another lawyer has poked his nose into the settlement, claiming that the lawsuit has no merit. That claim is partly based on the fact that so few offended parties wanted to experience the "Hot Coffee" healing power of cash.

Adding weight to the argument that the suit has no merit, is that it appears that some of those deposed were clueless about the game's content to begin with. Killing? Well known. But stealing? In Grand Theft Auto? Who knew?!


Anyone out there file a claim? We'd like to know!

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