To: Bashcraft From: Fahey Re: This Saturday, I'll Be Boiling Wieners I just realized what Peter Molyneux's big plan for Fable is. He wants to see if he can be disappointing and pleasing at the same time. The original Fable was overambitious, over-hyped, but still managed to be a very pleasing game, so while everyone was a bit pissed, we were happy at the same time. When I picked up my copy of Fable II last night at GameStop, receiving only a cardboard sleeve and the promise of some DLC once they figured out what was going on, I was horribly disappointed, visions of the massive pack of goodies we were originally promised jeering at me in the back of my head. Then I got it home, played for a few hours, and loved it so very much. This is Molyneux's plan. He realized he couldn't disappoint us with broken gameplay promises twice in a row, so he disappointed us with packaging promises instead. I predict Fable III will promise the ability to make you sneeze, only to have the sneeze fade at the last moment every time. Maybe I am just thinking about this too much. Maybe I should just focus on... What you missed today Microsoft Slightly Addresses Missing Fable II LE Codes Cammy, Zangief, And Blanka Look Better In HD These Pacman Costumes Will Make You The Life Of The Party The Nintendo Holiday Van, Wii Music, and Cheerleaders Frankenreview: Fable II Alan Wake Returns In Brand New Cinematic Trailer Star Wars: The Old Republic Revealed As Ambitious MMO LucasArts Massive Reveal: The Liveblog Wrath Of The Lich King Manual Leaked... By Blizzard