And either that's a haunted laptop, or help.exe was coded by an extremely passive-aggressive programmer. Not very helpful when you've got killer robots after you.

Spirits of Xanadu takes place in an alternate eighties where humanity is already pretty far along in their quest to explore space. You're investigating the research vessel Xanadu, which, as you can probably guess, hasn't reported back in months.

The Greenlight page for the game calls it an "atmospheric exploration game" with FPS and puzzle elements, but the horror slant is quite clear. System Shock and 2001: A Space Odyssey are mentioned as influences, and it really does look like an action-y, simple and clean System Shock 2. The atmosphere is certainly there. Make the guns jam every two minutes and fans'll feel right at home.

There isn't much to look at apart from the trailer at the moment. Spirits of Xanadu will hit PC later this year; for updates, you can follow either the developer's Tumblr, or the game's IndieDB page.

Spirits of Xanadu [Steam Greenlight]

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