Horror Schlock Flick 'Tokyo Gore Police' Does Gruesome Wii Send Up

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According to my sources that are Wikipedia and Matt Hawkins, Tokyo Gore Police is a futuristic Japanese sci-fi gorefest in which the police are forced to deal with a new breed of superhuman who can, I don't know, use their innards as deadly weapons or something. It's all mad science and seemingly an excuse to show fountains of blood squirting in all directions. The film, which was screened at the New York Asian Film Festival this summer is being promoted with a series of parody ads. This particular ad is a send up of Nintendo's Wii, featuring a game known as Remote Contorol Exterminate [sic] in which players essentially slice up hapless victims for fun. Check out that sweet butcher knife controller accessory! Ick! It's obviously not safe for work or for the squeamish and is therefore after the break.Last chance to avert your eyes before you see skulls split in half! Click to view Eek! Thanks to J.A. for the heads up and for Twitch for the clip.

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I kinda' liked the ad. Makes you think about how lightly we treat the awful violence in our games.

"You swing the controller and the character swings a sword onscreen! Let's play at killing people!"

I can dig it.