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Hopefully Some JRPG Isn't As Boring As Its Title

I kinda want to play Some JRPG, an upcoming role-playing game that promises to be a delightful cocktail of tropes and cliches.


Out this summer for PC, Some JRPG will spoof what it calls generic JRPG gameplay by offering its own version of generic JRPG gameplay. It could be really funny or it could be really boring.

I guess by now the concept of an indie RPG parodying RPG tropes is kind of a trope on its own. Maybe someone should make an indie RPG that parodies tongue-in-cheek indie RPGs.


Trailer: Some JRPG (4 Corner Games) [IndieGames]

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Looks like something made in RPG Maker. Sigh. When are we going to see some indie RPGs that rival SNES-level FF games or Chrono Trigger in terms of scope and content? Why is it always either 8-bit Dragon Quest or RPG Maker style? :[