Hope you weren't expecting any Prince of Persia games soon, because Ubisoft tells IGN the series is "paused".



It's a shame they haven't tried to continue from the 2008 Prince of Persia. I kinda wanted to see where they'd take the story, and think that with improvements to the gameplay it could still do well...their art style was a pretty distinct selling point.

Prince of Persia's consistent issue is they've never made a great combat system to go along with the platforming, and 2008's Prince of Persia was no different with it's simplistic repetitive wannabe Advent Children nonsense. The platforming was also a bit automated, so you really just pressed a button, and watched your character do the animations rather than feel like you have fine moment to moment control.

Still, the story was interesting, art direction gorgeous, Elika both a cool mechanic and character, fun banter you could choose whether or not to initiate, and while the orbs of energy got repetitive...they were a nice incentive to actually explore the area and reach the nice vistas. The game had flaws, but I had fun, and want another one.