iOS gets the love today with discounts on some of the ecosystem's best titles. Get downloading. [Updated]

  • XCOM®: Enemy Unknown ($10) | Normally $20 | One of Kotaku's best games on the iPad and a former GOTY
  • Horn ($3) | Normally $7 | A previous Kotaku best game on the iPhone
  • The Room Two ($1) | Normally $3 | One of Kotaku's best games on the iPad
  • LIMBO ($2) | Normally $5 | One of the best indies of the previous generation
  • Infinity Blade III ($3) | Normally $7 | One of Kotaku's best games on the iPhone and iPad and probably the best looking game on the platforms
  • Badland ($1) | Normally $4
  • Final Fantasy IV ($8) | Normally $16

Amazon has discounted more than 700 blu-rays. Prices range from $5 to $10 and even the first page of results is packed with great picks like 2001 and The Amazing Spider-Man. [Amazon]

DiscountMags has several DC comics yearly subscriptions available at deep discounts, including Superman, Nightwing, and Batman & Robin. [DiscountMags]

Chances are, you're already familiar with Monoprice's 27" IPS display because it's already one of the best deals in tech, even when it's not on sale. Featuring the same 2560x1440 resolution and overall screen quality as Apple's Thunderbolt display, it can be had for a fraction of the price. Monoprice sells it directly for a shade under $400, but Rakuten is offering it today for $325.

Monoprice IPS LED Crystal Pro 27" Monitor | $325

If you could use a little more space on your desk (and really, who couldn't?), this monitor shelf comes with a phone dock, a cup holder, and three USB ports to boot. Accouterments aside, it's actually a pretty attractive piece of furniture in its own right.

U BOARD SMART - Monitor Stand and Multi-function Board | $35 with Promo Code QF8GB4KN

SanDisk 128 microSD card for $80 off

They probably don't sound quite as good as your Audio-Technicas, but I guarantee they'll keep you warmer.

Bluetooth Stereo Unisex Ear Warmer | $37





Xbox One

Xbox 360




  • Tasker ($3) | Google Play | Normally $7 | Must have app for any Android user.
  • DroidEdit Pro ($1) | Google Play | Normally $2 | Code editor
  • Balance By Pro ($2) | Google Play | Normally $2.50 | Check your account balances on mobile carriers and ISPs.
  • FREE Cryptic Kingdoms | Amazon | Normally $1 | Point and click adventure
  • Home Remedies (Pro) ($1) | Amazon | Normally $2



Home Theater


Gaming Peripherals

PC Parts



Upcoming Releases, see all of them here

February 27

February 28

  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy | 3DS


March 4

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition | PC
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth | PS3/360/PC | PC version $48 with code
  • FEB20OFF

March 5

March 7

March 11

March 14

March 18

March 20

  • Pokemon Battle Trozei | 3DS eShop

March 21

March 25

March 31

  • Shovel Knight | Wii U/3DS/PC/Mac/Linux

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