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Home looks nice enough, but it also looks a little...bland. I can wander around aimlessly playing games in my living room, I don't need to log onto my PS3 to do it! But an adults-only section? That sounds much more enticing. Home boss Peter Edward has told ICGamers that, while there won't be any such areas when the service first launches, "in the long-term, we expect to see them". Don't go expecting some kind of Second Life-ish wang fest, however, as adult areas are more likely to introduce things like gambling and 18+ movie trailers. No reason it can't go the other way, either - if Sony can restrict access to areas of Home based on a user's age, they can just as easily create kids zones crammed to the brim with over-excited 11 year-old boys and junk food commercials. PlayStation Home will include adult-only areas [ICGamers]


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