Holy Cayde-6, You Can Buy Back Your Old Colors In Destiny 2

a hunter in destiny 2 beyond light with the reefmade shader
Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

Earlier today, I wrote about how I’ve been playing a whole lot of Destiny 2 these days. I messed around with Bungie’s hilariously good-vs.-evil shooter at launch, then dipped out. Returning after a few years away for the recent Beyond Light expansion meant reacquainting myself with a whole lot of stuff, but nothing threw me for a loop more than the fact that I’d have to part ways with my meticulously curated Reefmade color scheme.


Turns out, you can get all of your old shaders back.


As Kotaku reader “The Stig’s graphic designer cousin” pointed out, you can re-purchase any shaders. I know, right? I cannot believe Commander Zavala didn’t tell me the second I logged back in. Hat tip here is to The Stig’s, but I’d also love to point out this tip for any Destiny 2 readers who don’t spelunk the comments of Kinja posts. To find any old shaders—those are the consumable customization options that allow you to change the colorways of your gear—just follow these steps:

  1. Open up your character menu.
  2. Go to the Collections tab.
  3. Click on the Flair badge.
  4. Select the Shaders box (second from the left in the upper-left corner).
the slider buy-back menu in destiny 2 beyond light
Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

Yes, you’re looking at a compendium of all the Shaders you can earn for your Guardian. For a handful of Glimmer—and, in some cases, two Legendary Shards—you can “reacquire” any you’ve previously unlocked. (Those are indicated by a dark gray icon, while still-locked Shaders are indicated by a slightly darker gray one.)

That there isn’t a vendor in the Tower (or some other social space) who will just sell you these is ridiculous, and is yet another example of Destiny 2 sorely lacking obvious quality-of-life features. What’s more, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to neatly organize this menu beyond the four standard submenus. You can’t sort them alphabetically. You can’t filter them by color. Still, for a modest sum of easily accruable currency, you can buy all the Reefmade you want. And that reefmakes me very happy.

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Gene Jacket

You’ve been able to reacquire shaders for two years, since Forsaken introduced Collections. Have you really not played in two years? That’s not snark, I’m genuinely curious! You’ve missed SO MUCH, almost all of which has now been vaulted...curious to hear what a very lapsed player thinks of...everything.