​Hollywood's Hero Dudes Really Want Them To 'Let Her Go'

Illustration for article titled ​Hollywoods Hero Dudes Really Want Them To Let Her Go

It's one of the worst action movie clichés: bad guy captures female character and the hero yells at the villain to release the love interest/partner/sister. How much does it happen? Entirely too damn much.

This supercut of mostly male protagonists saying the same three words—there's one instance of 'let go of her,' to shake things up—comes via The Huffington Post. The scenes come from 97 movies and, while that's a lot, you just know that there are hundreds more of 'let her go' moments out there. By my count, there's one woman saying the three little words in the supercut, which happens at 3:47 in a Thelma & Louise scene. "I'm the one you want!" No, 'let-her-go' scenes, you're really not.


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The villain never bothered them anyway.