Hollywood Monsters is The Next Big Thing on iOS

No, that's not hype. Released last year on PC under the title The Next Big Thing, Hollywood Monsters is a hilarious adventure game from the creators of Runaway, and its coming to your iDevices December 6.

Mobile is quickly becoming a second home to the point-and-click adventure game, what with tablets and smart phones being so good for pointing and all. Pendulo Studios and publisher BulkyPix continue to lead the charge for adventure publishers not named Telltale, bring over the former's stable of highly-polished, cinematic-quality joints to a more touching place.


Hollywood Monsters takes place in a 1940s Tinseltown where the big-name movie monsters are played by actual monsters. When those monsters get fed up with being forced to act in children's movies and romantic comedies, things get ugly. It's up to Liz Allaire, a talented journalistic idiot and Dan Murray, the manliest of men, to make a mess of things until they eventually stumble upon some sort of solution.

I have played this game, yet I will play it once more for the sake of a much more appropriate name and the ability to play it in the bathroom without burning my thighs with a laptop.

Hollywood Monsters hits the iTunes app store on December 6.


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