Hollywood Directors Gush Awkwardly Over A Metal Gear Trailer

Metal Gear Solid has always been famous for its sprawling, cinematic trailers. That's been the case for as long as I can remember. It's almost as famous for its sprawling, cinematic trailers as it is for its sprawling, cinematic cut-scenes. Now this sort of content tends to irritate certain gamers, but Hideo Kojima's film making buddies? They love it.

On its official website today, Konami has posted a series of utterly gushing 'celebrity comments on the E3 trailer'.


Trust me, these comments are pretty gushing.

Take Nicolas Winding Refn for example — this is the director that made Drive and, more recently, Only God Forgives. Listen to this man gush.

Watching the trailers for MGSV makes you wonder if the spirits of Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick, and Caravaggio entered Hideo Kojima's body because, using the art of gaming as his canvas, he boldly goes where no one has gone before.

The trailers for Metal Gear Solid V, prove once again that Hideo Kojima is a master at portraying a wider and more complex view of human nature combined with breathtaking action sequences. A daring and bold move from one of the founders of the future of technology. With Metal Gear Solid V, Hideo Kojima has created the perfect marriage of cinematic storytelling and cutting edge gaming technology. For me, it all culminates into one word: Genius.

Seriously, I'm a fan of Kojima and his work. I honestly am. I even loved Metal Gear Solid 4. But yeah, I don't think the spirits of Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick, and Caravaggio have entered Kojima's body. The spirits of Tom Clancy, Brett Rattner and Rolf Harris? Maybe. But not those other guys. Jesus.

Okay, that's probably a bit harsh. I should reiterate that I am a fan of Kojima's work.


Here's what Guillermo Del Toro had to say — at least he was a bit more restrained.

Kojima-San remains a massive inspiration for me and METAL GEAR continues to deliver the edgy, vital, jaw-dropping world and feel that we have come to expect but it pushes the envelope every single time. It is a window into the future of the medium and its breathless narrative and artistic expansion. Amazing!


I can roll with that. The trailer was pretty spectacular.

Park Chan-Wook, the director of Old Boy and Stoker, said the following…

I have always been thinking that I want to see a film directed by Mr. Kojima, but after seeing the latest trailers for Metal Gear Solid V, I realised I was wrong.

He has actually been making films in his own way already.

Metal Gear Solid games are already films, the films of the future.


"He has actually been making films in his own way already."

Yep. Let me just repeat this.

"He has actually been making films in his own way already."

That's the refrain of almost every single Metal Gear Solid detractor on every video game forum ever made.


You can find more of these comments on the official Konami site.

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