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Hollow Knight: Silksong Gets New Gameplay, On Game Pass Day One

The follow-up to Hollow Knight still doesn't have a release date, but at least Xbox fans get it for free, I guess

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A small, stylized bug is fighting other small, stylized bugs.
Screenshot: Team Cherry / Xbox

Team Cherry made an appearance during today’s Xbox showcase to show off more Hollow Knight: Silksong gameplay and announced that the game will be a day-one addition to Game Pass. Still no release date, but Xbox claims it’ll be out in the next 12 months.


Silksong, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017's Hollow Knight, is a game that everyone hopes to see at one of these events. The original blew fans away with its dark, stylized graphics and kept them hooked with punishing, Metroidvania-style gameplay that mixed precision platforming with hardcore boss battles. And, personally, it made me fall in love with a bunch of bugs.

Xbox (YouTube)

The sequel puts players in control of Hornet, a popular needle-wielding character from the first game. Naturally, she employs a host of new skills as she traverses Hollow Knight’s crumbling insectoid world, but here are some of the other features Team Cherry is touting for Silksong:

  • Discover a whole new kingdom! Explore coral forests, mossy grottos, gilded cities and misted moors as you ascend to the shining citadel at the top of the world.
  • Engage in lethal acrobatic action! Wield a whole new suite of nimble moves as you dance between foes in deadly, beautiful combat.
  • Craft powerful tools! Master an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons, traps, and mechanisms to confound your enemies and explore new heights.
  • Solve shocking quests! Hunt down rare beasts, unearth ancient mysteries and search for lost treasures to fulfil the wishes of the downtrodden and restore the kingdom’s hope. Prepare for the unexpected!
  • Face over 150 all-new foes! Beasts and hunters, assassins and kings, monsters and knights - you must defeat them all with bravery and skill!
  • Experience a stunning orchestral score! Hollow Knight’s award-winning composer, Christopher Larkin, returns to bring melancholy melodies, symphonic strings and heart-thumping, soul strumming boss themes to the adventure.
  • Challenge Silk Soul mode! Once you conquer the game, test your skills in an all-new mode that spins the game into a unique, challenging experience.

Let’s just hope Xbox’s promise holds true.