Holiday Gift Guide: What Can You Get For Over $100?

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Oooo who is that special someone you're planning on buying such lavish gifts for?


Whoever it is, they're lucky! There are definitely a wide array of fancy gaming gift options. The new Wii U? A swanky headset? A gorgeous leather bean bag chair from Restoration Hardware that I really wanted to get my big brother for his birthday but holy shit is it expensive? Go wild!

Share your gift ideas below, as we post a few of our own.


Brian Ashcraft

Personally, I game while sitting on the floor. S'okay! But I do wish I had a chair—a gaming chair. Maybe your friends or family do, too? If so, give them a gaming chair. Give all of them one. The same one. Make them share!

This one, the X Rocker Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair, has force feedback (rumble pad THE CHAIR) speakers with wireless sound. That sounds neat. Sounds, ha. No pun intended!