We're a few years into this generation. We're getting increasingly comfortable with the hardware. While we're not ready to move on, we still wonder: How much longer will it last? Microsoft's Chris Lewis thinks it's going to last much longer, because of things like scalability. "When you look at NXE, that is a complete revision of the interface and the look and feel and every aspect of the system," Lewis says. Continuing, he adds that this sort of thing is not predicated by new hardware and that Microsoft has done that through software and services. "So if you think of that scalability and the opportunity to enhance and develop what we do with this platform, then I think it’s very, very possible — and indeed appropriate — that this generation will be longer," says Lewis. "But we’re not specific about when that will happen, and we don’t have a particular timeline that we share right now. But as I said, there’s a lot more still to come." Moreover the upgraded SKUs help lengthen the live of the console. A longer generation is win-win. Win for companies because they get a better handle on the product. Win for consumers because we get better games and don't have to buy more consoles. Interview: Microsoft's Chris Lewis [EDGE via Kombo]


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