Is that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Nope, these are the new facilities for the elite Hebei Academy of Fine Arts in China.

In China, folks have certainly noticed that the buildings look like the iconic wizard school. As reported on Sohu, Kanka News, and MSN China (via The Nanfang), the university's head, however, said the buildings were "inspired" by European architecture and the intent was not to rip-off Hogwarts.



The entire campus apparently doesn't look like this, and these new buildings do feel Potteresque. Maybe this is all just a kwinky-dink! Compare with a model of the actual Hogwarts below.


[Pic: Wiki]

Inspired by European architecture, huh? But, isn't Hogwarts as well?

石家庄现"霍格沃兹魔法学校"《哈利波特》迷组团报考 真身为河北美术学院 [KankaNews]

石家庄现山寨哈利波特魔法学校 校长否认抄袭 [MSN China via The Nanfang]

石家庄现山寨哈利波特魔法学校 校长否认抄袭 [Sohu]

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