Hitman 2 Is Not Just More Hitman: It's A Lot More Hitman

You could say that Hitman 2 is “more Hitman.” I would agree with you. However, if you like Hitman, you always want more Hitman. Besides, Hitman 2 isn’t just “more Hitman”—it’s a lot more Hitman. I present to you a relaxing little video in which I philosophize in poetic vocabulary about this game series I have always loved.

If you asked me two weeks ago which triple-A video game series was most suitable to an internet video with Mozart playing in the background, I might not have said Hitman. Today, however, I’m saying it’s Hitman, and I am also proving it’s Hitman.


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I played a lot of Hitman 2016 during a fallow period in the PS4 release schedule and had no end of fun pushing levels to their breaking point. At one point, I got into an endless fist fight with a guard, which managed to summon almost the entire level’s security detail to watch:

My greatest triumph however, involved subduing all the guards in Hokkaido except one, moving them into the same area and then letting that sole survivor come and revive them. I assumed it would be exponential, and they’d get to work reviving more of their fallen compadres, but it turned out to be the exclusive task of that one dude. After a pretty stressful game of hide and seek with the resulting search grid of angry guards, I finally managed to blend in at a bar table and captured the following bizarro exchange:

Can’t wait to get into Hitman 2 tonight!